$250.00 AUD

I am aware that a posture assessment is being completed online/ virtually and I am responsible for supplying the correct photos and videos requested.

This is not a treatment replacement but a pure postural assessment / analysis.

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Personalised Comprehensive Assessment & Feedback

Knowing your body and how it moves and functions allows you to focus on what you need to do to re align, strengthen and improve.

To improve you need to know where you're coming form and where  you're going to, otherwise you swop one faulty pattern for another.

When you are aligned and moving well - pain and injury improve. 

Your individualised In depth full assessment will be done virtually.

You will need  to supply 4 full length body shots - front, back and both side views and also a video of you walking - at least 20 seconds long.

What you'll get:

  • an in depth expert  analysis
  • know your postural type
  • areas of concern to be aware of
  • areas that need attention or work
  • injury prone areas

I will review the pictures an video prior to booking a virtual session to ensure they are suitable and  we'll do a 45 minute call from there.

Once you purchase you can book your time straight away - Just a allow a week from getting the information to me so I can check it's clear enough.

After purchase sign and and book your session!